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We're looking for influencers to build our shoutout for shoutout (S4S/SFS) community.
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An influencer is a term we like to give to a person, place, or thing with a large social media following.

Whether it's a famous bodybuilder or the cutest dog in the world, that account has potential to influence thousands or even millions of users.

We want to connect those influencers together with the goal of reaching each other's audience and growing a following organically (not bot traffic).

You may not realize it, but this very concept is already in action behind the scenes today; we are just making the process more convenient & mainstream.

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A shoutout is a post on a social media account (Facebook or Twitter) that is given, sponsored,
or traded and includes text (and usually an image) provided by a third party, usually to
promote another account or bring awareness to a business.

For example, if I'm in the fitness industry and a supplement company wants to bring awareness to their product, they may sponsor a post about their new whey pro tein on my Instagram account. The goal of a shoutout is to bring awareness to another account or product while not appearing like a typical advertisement.

Our goal is to help social media marketers grow their fol lowing and to build the largest shoutout / share community on the internet. What's exciting about this is, it's a brand new concept and it's a perfect marriage for organically growing a following. This method will bring only legitimate organic followers, not just numbers that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat will remove when they clean their spam accounts. A huge benefit to becoming an influencer is the ability to trade shoutouts with other influencers with a similar following...

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ShoutoutPost allows you to organically grow your social media following by trading
shoutouts (shoutout for shoutout), shares, and retweets for free on Instagram,
Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat with other members of our community.