ShoutoutPost just launched one of the biggest features to date! Users can now trade post shares on Facebook or post retweets on Twitter to increase engagement and reach rather than trading a shoutout. They have the option to choose to “Share” (or retweet) a post or give a “Shoutout”.

ShoutoutPost is a community of social media marketers and influencers whose goal is to increase their following by trading shoutouts…and now shares.

The new Share feature is HUGE for increasing a post’s reach and engagement while increasing likes to a Facebook Page or Twitter account at the same time. We feel that trading shares and retweets will eventually become more popular than trading shoutouts. In our opinion, it appears less “spammy” and if in the same category/niche, may increase reach and engagement on both accounts. We’re planning on expanding on this feature in the near future, adding some automation.

Here’s how to increase engagement and reach by trading shares…

  1. Create an account (it’s free) if you haven’t already done so and login.
  2. You should now be on the My Trades page. No social accounts will display if you haven’t loaded your Facebook or Twitter profiles/pages in the Accounts section. Once you’ve loaded your account(s) you will then see all social accounts within a 20% following range to yours on the My Trades page.
  3. Review all Facebook and/or Twitter accounts with a similar niche to yours. You can either manually browse through all accounts or use the category filters (top right) to narrow the results.
  4. Click the trade button on the account you wish to get more info on. The account’s stats and latest posts will display. If you’d like additional info, click the Facebook or Twitter link to see their full profile.
  5. If you like what you see, you can then initiate a timed (the post expires and is removed after a set time) or permanent trade by filling out the form to the right. Select the time you’d like and then the account with the post you’d like to share.
  6. Click the Share button and your latest posts will display. Then select the post you’d like shared. The trade has now been initiated.
  7. Once the trade has been requested, it can either be approved or rejected by the requested other user. There is a 48 hour window for a response and then the trade gets automatically removed by our system. If approved, the requested user then will respond with a shoutout or share request that you will then need to approve or reject.
  8. Once both trades are approved, you will see an auto post button. This will automatically post the share to Facebook and remove it once the time expires (if there’s a time limitation set).
  9. You can then rate the requested user’s experience and comment on them if you so wish to complete the trade.